What is Retail Fit?

5 Easy Steps: Save Time and Money While Hiring, with Retail-Fit

You’re on the front line of retail.

You’ve worked in the industry long enough to know that high-turnover is part of the norm.

But, like so many of us, you’re also under pressure to save money and time. It just doesn’t make sense, to spend 40 minutes (or more!) interviewing a candidate.

That being said, you know how important it is to identify and hire good people when they come your way.

So, how do you get to the right candidate, faster?

Assess to Succeed  through its partnership with Prevue Assessments has your answer, in the form of Retail-Fit, a hiring assessment product custom-designed (based on user feedback), for exclusive use in the retail industry.

How much more efficient and effective would your company be, if you could assess a job candidate (more thoroughly!) in a mere 5 minutes?

With Retail-Fit, hiring can be as easy as:

1. Accepting the candidate’s application

2. Prompting the candidate to spend 5 minutes answering questions, using Retail-Fit — on any device

3. Reviewing the colour-coded indicator (red, yellow, green) for a match in suitability

4. Interviewing appropriate candidates, based on questions and suggested answers (also provided by Retail-Fit)

5. Celebrating your quick, successful hire with cake (or whatever treat you enjoy)

While other assessment products repackage the same broader systems for retail, without any industry-specific customisation, Retail-Fit was designed from the ground-up to fit the exact needs of your industry. It only works in retail, and even features lingo typical of what you’re used to hearing on the job.

For these reasons, Retail-Fit represents a faster, more user-friendly solution to your assessment needs. Using Retail-Fit, hiring managers can conduct an assessment onsite, thereby ensuring that a good candidate lands with you, right away, rather than at another store nearby.

The result is that Retail-Fit helps you address the pressing need to contain costs, while saving time in the process — time that can then be spent, for instance, on ensuring that turnover doesn’t impact quality of service.

Ready to learn more about Retail-Fit? Interested in a trial? Interested in seeing a sample report?

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